Rune requires using the Binance Smart Chain network (BSC) with Metamask.

Support for Polygon network will be added soon.


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You aren't on BSC network and don't have an account yet. You can play but won't receive rewards.

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Europe 1 (9 online)
Europe 2 (6 online)
Europe 3 (4 online)
North America 1 (6 online)
South America 1 (4 online)
South America 2 (2 online)
South America 3 (7 online)
South America 4 (offline)
South America 5 (5 online)
Asia 1 (7 online)
Asia 2 (9 online)
Asia 3 (7 online)
Asia 4 (8 online)
Oceanic 1 (9 online)
Test Realm 1 (0 online)

WARNING: This video game may trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy.

Your Rewards

Currently the quantity of a rune must be greater than 5 to be received. It's automatically sent every 7 days.

We'll come up with a better system in the future, so that any quantity can be claimed.

You cannot claim rewards until you have created a Rune account.

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