Evolution Tutorial

1. Explore and avoid other players

You'll start as a dragonling, that can fly around the islands and consume sprite to get stronger.
But watch out for other players, or they might kill you!

2. Consume sprites to gain energy

When you consume a sprite, you gain some energy. When your energy bar is full, you evolve.

Dragonling -> Whelp -> Drake

When your energy is depleted, you unevolve.

3. Find rewards

If you are more evolved than another player, you can kill them. If they are more evolved than you, they kill you. If you die, you lose some of your points, which are spawned as an orb where you died (10 seconds later). You have 5 seconds of immunity.

Kills = +X points per evolve level
Items = +X points each
Evolves = +X points each
Sprites = +X points each

The round restarts every 5 minutes, and the points per kill/item/evolve/sprite changes. The leader wins the main prize (shown at top). The top 10 get a consolidation amount.

1st = 100%
2nd = 25%
3rd = 15%
4th-10th = 5%

Additionally, random rune and runeword items spawn around the map every ~10 seconds.

The amount of the rewards changes each round, and is based on the # of legitimate players in the game.