What are Rune Raids?

RUNE RAIDS is the first game launched in the Rune Universe, consider it our Big Bang. Several runes (BEP20 tokens) can only be earned by providing liquidity and raiding yield farms.

Runes are magical stones used to craft Runewords (NFTs), unique weapons and gear that make your character more powerful. There are 33 different runes, distributed over two years throughout the Rune Universe. Each rune is a BEP20 token with a limited supply. Most of the runes will be burned forever by minting Runewords.

Several runes can only be earned by providing liquidity to the ecosystem, staking the Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens in farms, and then raiding them!

We have implemented fluid farming, so you do not need to unstakes and retake for new farms. The unique mechanics introduced by Rune make Rune Raids the first ever NFT Hyperfarm!

It was launched fairly with no investors, no presale, and no premine.

How To Play

1. Join the Raid

Raiding is the act of pillaging a pool or farm for newly minted runes.

To raid, you must acquire the $RUNE token or any of the runes. You can acquire the runes through games such as Rune Evolution or buy them from Rune Swap. You can either stake the tokens in a Pool or provide liquidity to acquire Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens. Stake the LP token into a Farm, and start watching your yield grow. Collect the harvest by raiding the farm and pool.

2. Create a Character

Create a hero if you want to equip them with strong weapons and armor (Runewords) and take them into other Rune games. Some of these Runewords can even be used to optimise your yield farming game.

3. Craft or Trade Runewords

Use runes to craft Runewords, unique and powerful NFTs for your hero. To craft Runewords, you need to know the correct rune combination, called a recipe.

4. Equip Items

You can equip your hero with Runewords once you have acquired them from crafting or the trading in the marketplace. Visit your inventory see your Runewords and hero.

Recommended Wallets

Desktop: MetaMask.

Mobile: TrustWallet, SafePal, or EzDeFi.


Choose from seven classes of heroes. Each class has its own unique weapons and power. Develop your raiding strategy by equipping your character with Runewords that give unique raiding yield bonuses.

Early adopters will have an opportunity to get some of the rarest NFTs either through airdrops, fundraising, or farming.



Runewords are unique weapons and armor used to equip your hero. Each Runeword is different with varying attributes suitable for a specific hero class or style of play. Equip your hero with Runewords to make them more powerful in battle, increase magic find, or improve farming and merchant abilities. Runewords can be taken between games in the Rune ecosystem, collected, shared, and traded in the Rune Market. Soon you'll be able to lend your Runewords to guild members or through the Marketplace.

These items can be used in our upcoming games, because they are Evolving NFTs that have branching attributes.

Templar Forge
'Tal Ort Thul Eld Nef'

Made from light-weight Templar material, it provides quality protection.
2-5% Increased Harvest Yield
10-20% Reduced Harvest Fees
1-2% Random Rune Exchange

Not Craftable Market
One-Handed Sword
War Sword
'Nef Eld Tir El'

Not much is known about this sword, other than the creator had gone mad.
3-7% Increased Harvest Yield
20-40% Chance To Send Harvest To Hidden Pool
20-40% Chance To Lose Entire Harvest

Not Craftable Market
Warder Helm
'Nef Tir Sol Ort'

A once unbreakable helm, its best days have passed.
1-15% Chance To Find Worldstone Shard (Per Raid)
1-3% Harvest Burn
1-4% Random Rune Exchange
1-5% Reduced Harvest Fees

Craft Market


Runes are small stones inscribed with magical glyphs. From March 2021, 33 different runes will be distributed to players through the Rune ecosystem over a two year period. There are currently 23 released. Each rune builds on the last, expanding the universe with new storylines, games, and unique collectibles that make your heroes stronger. Players can earn runes in games by competing against other players, guilds, and AI, raiding yield farms, and community participation.