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Immerse yourself in our fantasy games, win runes and items, trade them on our NFT Market and participate in NFT farms and pools.

We build fun games, and incorporate blockchain gaming so you own your character and items for life, can bring them between games, and monetize on your hard work.



Imagine a digital game world where you have real ownership, control and impact. You have developed your skill & knowledge, and are now rewarded for your effort.

Our goal is for rewards to feel meaningful, and provide an income for at least 1% of our most talented/hard working players.

There will only ever be 33 Runes and each have different utility. Runes can be used to unlock specific features, or for crafting items. Players are then rewarded runes by winning games or finding them randomly in the game.

Evolving NFTs

Runes are needed to craft Runewords (NFTs), unique and powerful weapons and armor used to enhance your Rune Raid farm rewards, or buff your Rune Infinite hero.

The item attributes that power the mechanics are built directly into the NFTs themselves. These items can be used in all Rune games, or even games not published by us. We call these Evolving NFTs.

Our eventual goal is to build unstoppable distributed & modular games within the Rune Metaverse.

Our Games


  • Liquidity farming strategy with on-chain NFT mechanics
  • Win rewards by staking liquidity
  • Craft items that change harvest mechanics
  • Web only


  • Simple to play arcade, hard to master
  • Quick 5 minute battles
  • Find random valuable NFT items
  • Win rounds to win tokens
  • Weekly & monthly Battle Royales
  • Desktop + Android


Coming Soon
  • Fast-paced top-down arena brawler
  • 3 rounds 3 minutes each
  • Progress through the ranks
  • Win tokens and find random NFT items
  • Desktop, with web + mobile app for certain features


In Development
  • Find unique items in your journey
  • Win tokens in arena & raid battles
  • Buy land + NPCs + guild tokens to customize the world around you
  • Desktop, with web + mobile app for certain features


In Development
  • Explore this 2D world full of guardians
  • Hatch, grow and customize your guardian
  • Bring your guardians to other games and battle along side them
  • Desktop + Android + iPhone


Rune Metaverse 🤝 TofuNFT

April 26, 2022

You can now trade Rune items on @tofuNFT! Check out the Rune collection here👇

Rune Infinite Announcement

March 28, 2022

🔥Rune Infinite Early Access 📅 April 4 🔒 Exclusive access to Founder's Cube holders ➡️ Get your cube ready:


March 18, 2022

Raiders who owns a Founder's Cube may join in our Discord @ if you have a cube from

Rune Nexus is here

March 16, 2022

We wanted to bring the D&D books of old back into the RPG gaming experience, with nice designs and lore to immerse yourself in.

Gear Up with Rune - Round 4

March 5, 2022

We are giving away another Founder's Cube and Fully Equipped Character! ($650 value!). Be one of the first to play Rune Infinite by winning a Founder's Cube!

Sanctuary Pre-Alpha Sneak Peek

March 1, 2022

Sneak peak for our upcoming #MMORPG Rune Sanctuary 👀 "At the end of all timelines lies this last bead of light."

Rune Royale: Dawning

Feb 27, 2022

50,000 $RXS is at stake! That comes out to around $500. Come prove your might in the Mage Isles and take home the victory! 🏆

Haiku Contest

Feb 7, 2022

Win a Founder's Cube. By providing a Haiku. Of Rune Metaverse.


Choose Your Hero

Principal Advisor

  • 20 years’ experience programming (C++/C#/Python/Go/Node/etc).
  • 9 years’ experience of research, development and investment within the crypto space.
  • 4 years’ experience advising crypto startups and mentoring best software industry practices.
  • 10 years’ experience developing games.
  • 3 years’ experience with Solidity.
  • 6 years’ experience with Unity.
  • 2 years’ experience in graphic design, UI and UX.
  • Contract work for various SF startups and Fortune 500 corporations.


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