Current Build

8.x.x (Work In Progress)

These changes have already happened, but may change before finalization.

  1. Rune Evolution Leaderboard should have all stats. Game
  2. Leaderboard tabs persist in URL. UX
  3. Player shouldnt lose points while paused. UX
  4. Fix UI issues: overlapping navbar, missing life bar after pausing, etc. UX
  5. Fix bug with server kicking player after rejoining round. UX
  6. Reduce chance of antifeed bubble from enabling. UX

Upcoming (tentative!)

  1. Notice should be shown if unstake is locked (equipping Smoke within same raid). UX
  2. Swap should notify to use round numbers when swapping (otherwise there could be an error). Bug
  3. Market should have pagination so it's quicker and easier to navigate. Performance UX
  4. Farms should be collapsed and expandable so they're easier to navigate. UX
  5. Notification should be shown for: harvest going to hidden pool, harvest being burned, etc. UX
  6. Item calculations should be cached to lower gas fees. Fees
  7. Raid page should show a Claim Shard button when a Worldstone Shard has been found. Game
  8. How attributes are calculated/prioritized should be clarified with tooltips. Specifically hidden pool vs lost harvest. UX
  9. Hidden pool should not proc when depositing/withdrawing. Mechanics
  10. Yield bonus should get added to hidden pool amount, not transferred to user. Mechanics
  11. Harvest all in useHarvest needs to check old rune rewards. UX
  12. Frontend data should be updated live, like a game. Performance UX
  13. Worldstone Shards should be given as a reward when harvesting. Game
  14. Leaderboard should update live. Game
  15. Items can be destroyed for Arcane Dust (to be used for upgrading). Game

Previous Builds

8.4.0 2021-07-04

  1. Market items should only load 50 and then scroll infinitely. Performance UX
  2. Market filters for rarity and tab should persist on refresh/back. UX
  3. Pets should have videos. Game
  4. Item grid animations should be optimized. Performance
  5. Price on homepage should not flash cached price. Bug
  6. Item grid should loop end/start and work properly with keyboard. Bug
  7. Landing page should show more stats: amount raised for charity, market items sold.
  8. Fix a bug where item recipe Market was going to pets. Bug
  9. Show a notice when not connected or connected to wrong network + buttons to switch or learn more. UX
  10. Integrate and release Rune Evolution beta. Game
  11. Basic language localization (French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Swedish). UX
  12. Improved user profile info (points, achievements). Game
  13. Live Player Leaderboard (currently Rune Evolution). Game

8.3.0 2021-06-16

  1. New runeword for helm option: Pledge. Game
  2. Lorekeeper no longer craftable. Game
  3. Notice is shown when attempting to harvest with an invalid class item equipped. UX
  4. Harvest all on dashboard should not show yield bonus as part of calculation (due to potential confusion). UX
  5. Frontend should not enable animations until a benchmark of 40+ FPS is passed. Performance
  6. Should not fail to craft 40 sometimes (due to internal ID conflict). Bug
  7. Inventory items should be fetched in a batch (saving on network calls). Performance
  8. Inventory items should update automatically after trading, equipping, crafting, etc. UX
  9. Inventory sorting & filtering. UX
  10. Inventory arrows should work when coming from landing page. Bug
  11. Expert mode should always have latest farm. UX
  12. Item perfection should be easier to see. UX
  13. Fix various display issues in other browsers. Bug
  14. Reference token as $RUNE not $XRUNE. UX
  15. Leaderboard should be updated for Competition #2. Game
  16. Runeword listing should show retired items with market button. UX
  17. Market should be filterable by Runeword. UX
  18. Market filters should be retained when navigating trades, and in URL history (doesnt work perfectly yet). UX
  19. Rune detail pages should have price history chart. UX
  20. Release Runeword for Necromancer, Assassin, Paladin and Druid. Game
  21. Items should have rarity (based on perfection). Game
  22. First pets should be available on Market. Game
  23. Fixed an issue being unable to load more than 4000 items in inventory. Bug
  24. All runewords should be visible and link to crafting or market. UX
  25. New runewords: Wrath and Elder. Game

8.2.0 2021-06-02

  1. All equipment stats should be shown. Previously missing: shard chance, rune exchange, reduced fees. UX
  2. Reduced fee stat should be applied on frontend. UX
  3. Smoke no longer be craftable. Game
  4. Should be able to mass craft 10/40 runewords at a time. UX
  5. Leaderboard should be updated for June. Game
  6. Yield bonus should not be shown in Harvest All or any Harvest calculation. UX
  7. Stats for new runewords should be on /stats page. UX
  8. Crafting page should not prompt for unnecessary El approval. Bug
  9. Should show a banner of latest promotion. UX
  10. Equip modal should check user has character. UX
  11. Item's specific type should be shown. UX
  12. Raid contract should omit rune transfer fees. Fees
  13. Perfect items glow like they should. Game

Older build notes are in Telegram announcements